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Brief History of the Ancestral House of General Aniceto Lacson
       The ancestral house of Gen. Aniceto Lacson y Ledesma has remarkable qualities that make it worth everyone's time. The house represents a historical exposure to three generations of colonial rule in the Philippines. is located in the City of Talisay. Constructed in the early 1880’s, the farmland was bought from Nicolas Loney who first introduced sugar farming in Negros.
        General Aniceto Lacson, born in April 17, 1857 and died in February 3, 1931, was the son of Lucio Lacson and Ciara Ledesma. He married Rosario Araneta, a descendant of the “Kabungsuan” royal family of Mindanao, and together had 8 children.When Gen. Lacson started making his home he made sure they used good wood material found in the Philippines, like Narra, Mahogany, and Kamagon. All the woodcarving of the furniture’s and the stairway were carved out by woodcarvers from China. The architect was originally from Spain and practically all the workers, interior ornaments and decors were brought in from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.
 The ancestral home of General Aniceto Lacson became one of the most famous houses in Negros Occidental history. Because of the prominence of the General himself, in his involvement in the local and national political revolution, his home became the resting place of Spanish and American Governor Generals, Local and National Revolutionary heroes like Emilio Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio, Jacinto, Luna and etc.National leaders and other famous people would reside in this house or visit it as the political center of the island whenever they would visit Negros Island.In the year 1889 this house became the Malacanang or “White House” of the republic when General Lacson became the first and only president of the Cantonal Republic of Negros. His son Isaac, who became the governor of Negros, then congressman and senator, also continued the legacy of his father in politics.

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